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January 4, 2021

Happy New Year from Adams Cloud

My amazing moonlight moment with Jackie & nature caught last week, something to hold onto tightly and look forward to again in time to come.
Enjoy Benji Xx

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On this, the final sunset of 2020

On this, the final sunset.
We celebrate our loved ones lost.
Offer thanks to those who cared for them.
Praise the ones who gave us hope and acknowledge what the younger generation sacrificed to do their part.
We admire those who fought their battles quietly and kept things calm
We look favourably at what we have, not what we have lost.
We understand now what it is to be free and cherish it more than ever.
We are thankful for the time we had to bond, to reflect, to recalibrate, to reprioritise and reconsider.
We are glad for the time we thought we never had and realise that nothing is more important than our family to see us through the best of times and the worst of times.
But above all, we are glad our eyes can see with a different perspective, our minds are open to what’s possible and what we can achieve in the face of adversity.
We are Stronger, Wiser, Freer and Spiritually Wealthier.
We have been reminded how fragile and vulnerable we are as we look to the future with different priorities. To experience wonder, magic, beauty and each other and everything around us and to simply live with love, happiness and wear a smile.
I wrote this beside Adam’s Bench today and wish you all love, laughter and happiness.
Benji Xx
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Friendship & Love with the Family Pet

Friendship & Love with the Family Pet

The love of the family pet is never more important than now. Hugs for Bailey after a muddy walk with Robbie.
I do hope the love of the family pet with your children blossoms everyday in your house too ?
Love, Hugs & Kisses Benji

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Adams Pirate Treasure Live Show. Book Reading and Sing Along with Benji Bennett

Everyone loves Pirates and its even better to watch Benji reading Adams Pirate Treasure a third time around.  Have another look & join in the Adams Cloud Pirate Treasure sing-along with all the happy smiley pirate fans up on Adams Cloud Big Screen.  Sing, laugh, read and shout out hello's from Benji Bennett in Adams Cloud.