About Adam and his Message

A Beautiful little Angel

Adam had a life like no other. He was happy, full of love and always smiling and giggling. His long golden curls always stood out and his big brown eyes sparkled as bright as his enchanting and affectionate personality.

Adam died suddenly and without warning from an undiagnosed brain tumour in 2007 just after his 4th Birthday.

But in those 4 short years Adam was filled with a lifetime of fun, love and happiness and left beautiful memories for his family to cherish forever. His infectious personality was enchanting as kindness, positivity, excitement and goodness radiated from his always smiling face accompanied with a mischievous twinkle and a giddy giggle. A promising little sports man, he won a local U5 tennis tournament when he was just 3 and he had a great love of all sports, reading, exploring and adventure.

“If, because of Adam, every child gets an extra 10 minutes of playtime with mum and dad and are told they are loved each night before they go to sleep, then that’s OK"

Adam being such a special inspirational little boy, full of angelic innocence left an important message for the world before he went to his little cloud. Adam’s message is so powerful and pure that it inspired his dad, Benji, to share it on the day of his funeral. Benji said …

Thousands of friends and family who heard Benji speak that day went home and hugged their children tighter than ever before.

Adam’s Message Bringing Families Closer

Adam is an angel and lives on a cloud
And makes his mummy and daddy so proud
With long golden hair you just could not miss
He always has time for a hug and a kiss

The message he sends from his cloud everyday
Is to spend more time with each other and play
The most important thing in life is this
Show you love your family with a hug and a kiss.

Because of the powerful emotional connection made through reading combined with the positive bonding benefits that intimate one on one time has on children’s happiness from birth. Adam’s message simply encourages parents to spend 10 minutes reading with their children and telling them they love them each night before they go to sleep. Also as Adam benefited hugely from regular adventures outdoors immersed in nature another key ingredient to children’s happiness is regular family days out walking, climbing, playing or simply chatting together.

Adams Message is delivered through this little poem at the beginning of each book.

When we tell children they are loved every day we teach them to both love and be loved. We reassure them, teach them empathy and help them display emotion and affection and build confidence and lines of communication. From love comes love. From love comes respect for both us as their parents, for themselves and people around them.

This is Adam’s message and it is this philosophy in action that has inspired these beautiful award winning books by his dad, Benji Bennett.

“If you read to your children from the moment they are born, tell them you love them and take them for a walk as often as you can you are doing something right. The rest we just have to figure out as we go.” Benji Bennett

With wishes and tickles full of Love, Hugs & Kisses.