A Tough, but Joyous Day - The Real Meaning of Christmas
December 12, 2023

A Tough, but Joyous Day - The Real Meaning of Christmas

If you have been following my stories on social media, you'll remember the kind gentleman who purchased some books from me. He paid for them and then told me to give them to the next person that came along and was in need. It really struck a chord with me. It was such a loving and selfless act. 

Well over the weekend, I was in Dunnes Stores again and another gentleman came over to make a purchase for his nieces and nephews who were living back in South Africa. He told me all about his tough upbringing and how he managed to turn his life around. Well, I immediately shared the books I had set aside with him and told him to give them to some kids in need. 

Starting to get emotional here....

That same man purchased €100 worth of books and told me to spread the love further again! There were tears in my eyes and as I talked about it on my Instagram. 

I just want to thank these two gentlemen and to you all who have supported Adam's message since I started this journey. His memory is what started this adventure but it's the love and support from you all that keeps me going. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 






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