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Lent's Have Fun Campaign.

Over the next 6 weeks I'm hoping to encourage more family fun for everyone during Lent. It's really simple, if we encourage our kids to do stuff as a family...
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We Did It Together!

I don't know what to say about this amazing news other than to just tell you. Last Tuesday Before you Sleep was officially available for sale in the USA and...
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Proof About Parenting

Some time ago I wrote a blog calling for Mandatory Parental Training Courses and I have always talked about the importance of time with your children filled with love hugs...
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Were going to America!

At the very moment when Adam's heart took it's last beat and we were told he was gone, I kissed him a kiss and hugged him a hug that, I...
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Adam's Trip To America!

Before I say anything about my trip the America I firstly want to thank everyone for their amazing support, encouragement and comments on Facebook as I gave posted updates. Not...
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What Goes Around Comes Around

When you give, your generosity sends ripples far and wide. It grows exponentially and is returned to you when you least expect it, but need it most. I love this...
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