Lent's Have Fun Campaign.
March 07, 2017

Lent's Have Fun Campaign.

Over the next 6 weeks I'm hoping to encourage more family fun for everyone during Lent. It's really simple, if we encourage our kids to do stuff as a family rather than just give things up I think we can make a change and make more kids happier.

How did it begin and whats it all about?

Well, I’m having the annual chat with Molly and Robbie last week about what to give up for lent - Sweets, Chocolate, Crisps, the usual suspects. Then I think to myself “those sneaky monkeys are just going to pick their least favourite thing to give up and probably eat more of the other stuff”. Also I’m thinking there is nothing visible, tangible or memorable about them giving something up.

So…. In my constant effort to outsmart them with some masterful misdirection I suggest, “Instead of just giving up something why don’t we try to do something each day as well”. “Oh Yeah! That’s a great Idea.” came the response in stereo. With a little encouragement they managed to come up with some ideas all by themselves. “Robbie, we could empty the dishwasher every morning”. “Yeah Molly, we could make sure our room is tidy each morning”. “We could go for a family walk every evening.” “Every weekend we could go an a big adventure.” The ideas kept coming.
In my effort to encourage more family fun I'm suggesting that chores and family activities are added to Lent. Each member in the family gets a turn to decide what the fun family activities is rather than just give things up individually. The whole family can get involved and you’re all encouraging each other to keep it up. You can mix it up a bit so you can do different things. Even if it only for 10 minutes, once you do something together it counts.
Mums and Dads I know you are so busy and do so much but this plan might help ease the burden by sharing chores and you can can get stuck in as well by suggesting your activity that brings you a little closer. Shared reading at bedtime, walking the kids to school once a week if you can. Or, organise your lunch break at work that you can collect form school once a week. I still remember doing that for Adam when I worked in Vodafone. His surprised face is still one of my most precious memories of him. Getting up 10 minutes earlier to all have breakfast together, playing a board game, take a half an hour every night just to chat. Have family dinner at the table every night. The list is endless.
It’s never too late to start and by the time Easter comes I think you will see a big change and have better communication within your family.
So, have fun. Do Stuff, Do Stuff, Do Stuff! Maybe you can let me know how you get on with some photos and videos.
Big hugs Benji


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