Adam's Greatest Inventions

A Time Traveling Trip Discovering History’s Greatest Inventors.

The Story

“Imagine what it would be like if there was no TV. No cars, no toys, no internet or a loo to do a wee?”

Of all the great inventions could it be possible that there is one that stands out as being the greatest of them all?

Well, on this fantastic voyage of discovery through time and space Adam intends to find out as Fluff, his time travelling magic cloud, attempts to solve the greatest invention throughout history mystery.

Meet Edison, Bell, Jobs, the Wright brothers and others and be surprised when you find out what Adam discovers is the greatest invention in this time-traveling epic adventure.

A Note From Benji

Throughout history, brave men and women have unlocked the secrets of science and nature through their unending curiosity, dedication and desire for change to make the world a better, safer, peaceful and happier place. Despite these wonderful inventors we often still look for that elusive invention that can simply make us, and our children happy. However nature, family and love don’t need to be reinvented to make us happy they already exist waiting for us to simply take the time to get reacquainted. Love is nature's greatest invention and the essence of Adam’s message to the world.

Adam's Greatest Inventions

Adam's Greatest Inventions

By Benji Bennet


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