Adam Saves The Seasons

A Thrilling Adventure of Loyalty, Friendship And Bravery.

The Story

The Naughty winter fairy has stolen Mother Nature’s magic crown and without it she cannot change the seasons from Winter into Spring.

Join brave Adam and the gang as they travel through the seasons, brave the elements and even conquer Mt. Everest on a daring and perilous adventure to retrieve Mother Nature’s magic crown and restore order before an everlasting frost takes over the land forever.

Another epic adventure from the master of children’s bedtime stories.

A Note From Benji

I have always believed that the source of happiness for children is found in nature which is why I always encourage families in Adam’s Army to just walk out the front door and let nature work its happy magic.

Inspired by the beauty and fragility of nature, this magnificently illustrated adventure is filled with a powerful positive message of kindness, friendship, trust, loyalty and compassion for all the family to enjoy.

Adam Saves The Seasons

Adam Saves The Seasons

By Benji Bennet


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