Adam Saves Christmas

A Heart Warming Tale To Find The Magic Of Christmas.

The Story

Share this charming seasonal tale with a little person you love and rediscover the true magic of Christmas.

When Fluff the magic cloud flies Adam to the North Pole to deliver his letter to Santa Claus they learn the alarming news that there is not enough Christmassy magic for Rudolph to fly the sleigh and deliver the toys.

Can Adam find enough magic and fill Rudolph with enough love, hugs and Christmassy kisses in time to save Christmas Day with the help from his favourite seasonal friends.

A Note From Benji

The impact we have on a child’s happiness when we read them a magical Christmas story is immeasurable.

Think back to when you were a child at Christmas. Those enchanted memories steeped in unexplainable feelings of excitement and resolute belief in an invisible magical power that simply made you feel happy inside. A happiness that has stayed with you forever and a happiness that now makes you think of that special person in your own life that helped create the magic for you when you were a kid. It is my hope that I can help create new magical Christmassy memories for your family so your child will always remember how you made them feel the time you filled them with the magic and happiness when you read them a beautiful Christmas book.

Adam Saves Christmas

Adam Saves Christmas

By Benji Bennet


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