Guiding principles advice and techniques on how to tell console and comfort a child through grief

After my last blog on how we told Our Son his brother had died I thought I would share with you the guiding principles that drove us that fateful day August 13th and in the following months and years.

Knowing what to say or how to comfort and console a grieving child who has lost a parent a brother, sister, friend or cousin is a painful and unimaginable reality that can beset a family without warning or mercy.Finding the right words to convey the finality of death, to ease their pain and offer hope can seem impossible as every circumstance and situation is different. Children of different ages feel, experience and react in different ways to their grief and our attempts to comfort and console them. This is simply my

Preparing to tell a child someone has died:

Before you say anything try to …

Some Guiding Principles of what your words should try to.

There are no set rules but here are some key things to know when telling a child someone they love has died and offering them support and hope.

Usefull resources and Support Services I found helpful

Anam Cara Supporting Parents after Bereavement  A Serious Fun Camp Rebuilding Lives Affected by Childhood Illness & Bereavement

Marie Cuire Care and Support through terminal illness

LauraLynn  Making the most of Short & Precious Lives

Irish Hospice Foundation – To Die and Grieve Well Wherever the Place Sibling Bereavement Group

Wishing you love and hope that you can inspire happiness and great things in the child you have to share such sadness with.

Love Hugs and Kisses

Benji Xx