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When You Were Born

An Award Winning Bestseller Of How Your Baby Chose You.

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The Story

It’s the story every child wants to hear! How exactly did I end up choosing the best mum and dad in the world ?

When You Were Born recreates a powerful emotional bonding experience that I had with my son for all parents to share. Beautiful illustrations of the happy animal families and a simple story of how our children could have chosen anyone to be their mum or dad – but they chose us. This creates the emotional magic that only Adams Cloud books deliver to families.

This bestselling and award winning book will quite frankly take your breath away and is the perfect gift.

The Message

A Note From Benji

This beautiful award winning book was inspired by a little chat under the stars one night when my son Robbie asked me a question? “Dad why do you love me so much” I answered, “Robbie I love you so much because when you were born you chose me to be your dad and you make me so happy”. Robbie’s reaction was to give me a hug and say “I’m so glad I picked you to be my dad, you’re the best dad ever”. My heart skipped a beat and the feeling I had in that moment was one I felt compelled to share with every parent in the world.

The Books

Incredibly Illustrated Inspired Rhyming Adventures Bringing Families Closer with Magic, Wonder, Education, Kindness, Friendship and Love.