Before You Sleep

An Award Winning Bestseller That Captured The Hearts Of The Nation

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The Story

The award winning “Before You Sleep” delivers a powerful, often emotional, family bonding experience that fills children’s hearts with love, their tummy’s with butterflies of happiness and their minds with confidence. More than just a book, Before you Sleep creates a new kind of shared reading experience unmatched by any other children’s book.

Inspired by Adam’s Messagethis No.1 Bestseller brings families closer as Benji, through his unique style and unrivalled talent, takes you and your child on a magical adventure around the world and out to the stars.

Share an unforgettable loving experience as bouncing rhyme and imaginative stunning illustrations bring love, hugs, kisses and magic to bedtime.

Equally loved by parents and children this pull off the shelf favourite is a “Must have for every home in the country” TV3.

Renowned for creating a strong emotional response and nurturing an unbreakable connection, Before You Sleep intensifies the positive energy felt by children when they hear the sound of your voice, the beat of your heart and the warmth of your embrace as you read to them.

The Message

A Note From Benji

To understand the power of this book what it delivers and why it is so special you will have to understand what inspired it. The “About Benji Bennett” and “About Adam and His Message” pages will explain the reasons this book is truly special.

The Books

Incredibly Illustrated Inspired Rhyming Adventures Bringing Families Closer with Magic, Wonder, Education, Kindness, Friendship and Love.