June 03, 2021

Happy Birthday Adam

Today Is Adam's Birthday and for the first time ever I am so very grateful to be able to share this precious video of Adam being his funny, giddy, giggly adorable self to give you an insight to how unique he was and always will be. He has inspired so much happiness in children and families around the world I'm privileged to share with you a little bit of Adam's giggly magic with a free teddy offer. When we lost him I was desperate for the world to know how beautiful and amazing he was and how much I truly adored my beautiful little boy full of mischief and giggles. In my effort to celebrate and remember Adam in a beautiful positive way all I could think to do was write about him in the hope of filling children's hearts with love and happiness and encourage parents to spend an extra 10 minutes of quality time with their children. His life & inspiration lead me to write Before You Sleep, my attempt to bring families closer and help reassure children with love each night before they drift off into happy dreams. I hope you enjoy this rare glimpse behind the adorable inspiration of Adams Cloud.com and take a moment to read this short poem I wrote for this Birthday in 2016.

Happy Birthday Adam

On this very day in two thousand and three An Angel from Heaven was sent down to me. With beautiful eyes and soft golden hair He came with an important message to share. This message he sends from his cloud every day Is to spend lots of time with your children and play The most important thing in life is this, Show you love your family with a hug and a kiss. And now every time a smile lights up my face I’m happy because I know it is from his embrace. I love him much more than the sun moon and the stars Sweet dreams Angel Adam I’m so glad that you’re ours.

Jackie and I would also like to thank you all deeply for supporting us over the years and helping me to share Adam's magic through my books and Adam's message Lots of Love, Hugs, Kisses & Thanks  Benji

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