What does your baby experience and learn when you take them for a walk And read them Before You Sleep?
July 29, 2022

What does your baby experience and learn when you take them for a walk And read them Before You Sleep?

Zero to five years of age is now known to be an essential spongey learning time for your curious giddy gigglers.

Children learn and develop by seeing, doing, hearing, feeling, experiencing and imitating everything around them. Reading books, like Before you Sleep, and enjoying family days out can profoundly influence their growth and development.

When you stimulate your baby's senses by reading magical books or sharing family days out, you rouse their consciousness, ignite their imagination, cultivate their curiosity and stimulate their creativity. Like a programmer initiating a start-up sequence of a supercomputer, you activate your baby’s senses and neurological systems allowing them to process the sounds, sights, emotions, and feelings that flood their senses and store them as experiences, discoveries and memories.

By remembering the words you read, your baby learns to understand, connect and communicate with you. Driven by a desire to learn, your baby becomes increasingly self-aware, inquisitive and confident. Endless amounts of repetitive tasks, exploring and experimenting create exciting Eureka moments as they discover things for the first time. Constantly testing their limits, they regularly break through barriers and cross frontiers. As they jump further, climb higher, run faster, and explore deeper, they experience a powerful sense of achievement and pride that empowers them with positivity, resilience, happiness, confidence and a desire for more.

All these wonderful experiences, memories, discoveries and achievements are created and made possible by tickling their senses by reading and enjoying family days out. It does take time, effort, enthusiasm and creativity to keep pace with your baby's supersonic developing needs. But, if you get stuck in early and engage from the moment your baby is born, you'll nail it. And here’s the sweetener. The magic gets passed down through generations. Some of my fondest childhood memories were acquired when my parents took us to the beach, creating the conditions for me to taste my first sandy ham sandwiches. Imagination and creativity helped me build a makeshift windbreaker out of sticks and discarded Tayto crisp wrappers.

But what I remember most is a fearless swim in big waves watched over by my protective dad and experiencing that rare, glorious moment where a warm patch of sand would whisk me away to a tropical island to counter the chilling effects of the Irish Sea.

When I became a parent, I couldn’t wait to expose my children to the same magic I received when I was a kid. Enjoying endless bedtime stories and fun-filled family days out, I loved watching them learn, grow, discover and experience just as I did. I have passed my memories on to them, and in turn, they will be inspired to pass their memories on to their children, and so it will continue. I was deeply inspired to write Before you Sleep by my strong relationship and beautiful memories of my time with Adam to help parents lovingly connect with their children and encourage them to enjoy magical family activities and adventures.

So, now you know why reading and family days out are so important.


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