The inspirational moment Fluff flew into my head and heart 
November 28, 2020

The inspirational moment Fluff flew into my head and heart 

I had a huge reaction to my story about Fluff as I reminisced with you all about how impactful and emotional he is to me.  For those who didn't catch it this is the inspirational moment I created him for Adam Saves Christmas
When I was thinking about all the magical adventures I wanted Adam to go on I knew Adam needed some magical way to visit a fantasy world full of fairies, a land full of beauty and wonder or a moment in time and history ?
My original thoughts were maybe his favourite little blue Crocs, that I loved to see him run around in, could give Adam the magical powers to take him anywhere.  Then there was Adam's Magical Scooter "Scoot" which I had pretty settled on.
I began writing Adam Saves Christmas when I was on a train from Dublin to Galway to promote Before You Sleep, I was thinking how would Adam really get to the North Pole to deliver his very special letter.  Rattling around in the carriage I glanced out the window and my eyes were drawn to beautiful fluffy white clouds racing across the deep blue sky on this breezy day and it was as if they were chasing the train desperately trying to catch it.  My thoughts then turned to Adam wondering if he just might be on one of those clouds chasing after me wanting to tell me something.  It was a moment I will never ever forget.
Suddenly out of nowhere I  became overwhelmed with emotion.  Was Adam really on one of those clouds, was he trying desperately to catch up with me to tell me that it wasn't Scoot who would bring him on Adventures, it was his new friend, a magical cloud called Fluff.  Fluff would love him unconditionally and would protect him always never letting him down. It was at this moment when I felt  such a powerful sense of Adam's presence that I was inspired to create Fluff
After a few moments I wiped my eye I opened my laptop on the train and wrote the following.....
 "Huff Puff I love you Fluff"
and that is the story of Fluff and how he first appeared and helped Adam to Save Christmas
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Love, Hugs & Fluffy Kisses Benji Xx

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