The Beautiful Reward That Awaits Us All
April 13, 2020

The Beautiful Reward That Awaits Us All

As we face our latest test there is one thing I have come to realise over the last number of years is that every moment of happiness is temporary, just as it arrives unexpectedly it can be taken in an instant.  Also true is that our darkest hours hit us unexpectedly out from nowhere and can turn our lives upside down,  inside out and back to front.  We feel like we will break before we get through it.  We feel it will never end and we are trapped with a gut wrenching stress in our belly wondering how can we cope for another minute. But in the face of darkness and of  life’s biggest challenges it is the constant pursuit of happiness that will always get us through.  I’m not taking about just having a positive attitude and superstitiously crossing fingers hoping it will go away.  I am talking about the relentless fight to not let this crisis define us or the lives of our family.  It is the fighting for a single moment where we can just forget, even for a minute, so as to allow a twinkle of hope fill us with energy to keep fighting. For many of us, the worrying times we are all facing right now will probably be the biggest test we will ever have to face and for others bigger challenges lie ahead.  But when this crisis passes and leaves behind its marks, its scars, its grief and its destruction, it will be evident that it will take some people longer to recover than others. If we keep fighting and battleing for happiness, one day in the future we will experience a moment when we realise that we have made it and receive our much deserved reward and an immense sense of gratitude, relief and love will be amplified and positively multiplied by the pain felt in the pasts darkest days.   It is then that we will know true happiness and appreciation for all we know, all we have, and all that is around us.

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