Self-Publishing Success
November 16, 2021

Self-Publishing Success

How Benji Bennett Self-Published the Adam's Cloud Books.

Beautifully Written by: Ciara Healy -

A book comes to life when it is written, not when it is published.

When Benji Bennett decided to self publish before you sleep and is eight other children’s books, There was one important and overriding factor: “Adam was not for sale.“ 

As Benji described in our Cover Story: Sliver Lining Among the Clouds,  Adam's Cloud books were created after his son Adam died at the age of four and his series of books sees  Adam embarks on childhood adventures, all with the message to encourage parents to spend magical moments with their children.

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Benji says: “I am very protective over Adam. He isn’t just some character I made up in my head, he is my son and I wanted to have complete control over the books. I didn’t want a publisher editing the message or changing the illustrations. The books were so special, they were so personal. I had to be true to myself, and to Adam.“

Photo by: The Spiritually Gifted Phill Doyle Photography.  Instagram: @Phill Doyle Photography

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