Reasons & Benefits of Why You Should Read To Your Baby.
February 03, 2022

Reasons & Benefits of Why You Should Read To Your Baby.

The Adam’s Cloud Facts Science And Philosophy You Need To Know.

Every year I meet thousands of parents, grandparents and children while I am out promoting the importance and benefits of reading.

Every year I am asked and answer the same recurring questions.

  • When should I start reading to my baby?
  • Why is it important to read to my baby?
  • What books should I read?
  • How often should I read?
  • What are the benefits of reading
I also hear comments from people who pass by my stand…
  • Sure he can’t read yet…
  • She’s too young…
  • They will rip the pages…
  • He’s only a baby…

What's My Own Experience Of Reading To My Children.

There is no doubt that reading to my children from birth has directly contributed to their happiness, social and communication skills, confidence and most of all, my relationship with them. Now I will tell you why reading is essential to your baby’s development and what happens when you do so by giving you a straightforward philosophy to work with.

What The Science Says About Reading To Infants And Children

Google will throw you lots of quotes, lists, and stats if you search this topic. So, let me save you some time. The most important scientific fact you need to know is... 90% of all brain development happens in the first 5 years of life.  (For more ore facts and videos read  The Scientific Facts About Reading To Infants.) But don't Panic! I've got you covered with a very simple philosophy that will help you instinctively do the things you need to do to give your baby the best start in life. Now let's get on with the show.

First: Dummies Guide To What’s Happening Inside Your Baby’s Brain.

When your baby is born, their brains have billions of very excited Nerves and Neurons I like to call Happy Snappies. (Short for Synaptic connections and rhymes with nappies 😂) They immediately burst into action connecting and bonding with each other to build your baby’s very own Information Super Highway. Complete with neurological pathways to store, find and provide access to the vast universe of thoughts, memories, instructions, and cognitive skills they build up throughout their lives. But the Happy Snappies can’t build anything without the raw material they need. So, with an insatiable appetite for information and experiences, they use your babies senses to gather feelings, sounds, sights, smells, tastes and emotions.  The Snappies work closely together (using Synaptic connections), carefully processing, indexing and storing, in precise detail, the experiences and information they receive as MEMORIES. Every little detail is stored. How your baby felt when they did something, what they did, what muscles were used, what they saw, what they liked, what they didn’t like. Nothing is left out or forgotten.

For Example!

When your baby opens their eyes for the first time, sees you and says I love you with a smile, the Happy  Snappies are furiously capturing and storing every tiny detail of what your baby experiences. The burst of happiness they feel when you respond to their smile with kisses and tickles is stored as a powerful memory. A memory that can be accessed instantly reminds them how to smile again and get their loving reward.

When Does It All Start?

Building memories begins the moment a baby is born and continues through childhood. Building up a vast database of memories, the Happy Snappies store everything your baby sees, hears, feels, smells, tastes and experiences from the world around them. The more memories you create for your baby, the more memories they can process to help them learn, grow, create, develop, function and communicate. Now that you know what’s going on let’s talk about how reading stimulates your babies senses and feeds the Happy  Snappies the information they need to create those all-important positive early childhood memories.

Second: What Happens When You Read To Your baby.

What happens to your baby when you read to them? As you rest your new baby in your arms, snuggle them close into your chest and read to them, your baby hears the sound of your voice, the beat of your heart and spoken words. They feel the warmth of your embrace and the smell of your skin. They see beautiful colourful pictures that capture their attention and ignite their curiosity and imagination. The Happy Snappies lovingly work together as a team to save and store every detail of this beautiful experience as a memory. By reading to your baby, you create a powerful memory full of love, happiness, reassurance and confidence that gets locked inside your baby's nervous system – FOREVER, NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN.  This memory manifests itself as humanities most powerful attribution - the unconditional, unbreakable loving bond and connection between a parent and child.

Babies Learn From The Experiences You Give Them.

The more you read to your baby, the more they will flourish and grow by having access to the memories and information they need to communicate, connect and interact with the world around them.

And It’s not just reading! This miraculous phenomenon happens every time you walk, talk, play or spend time inspiring your baby with powerful memories of the world around them. Now you have all the answers to the Why, What, When, Where and How questions about reading to your baby. It’s time to feed your baby’s Happy Snappies the yummy food they need.

Last Thing You Need To Know. 

So for the best reading experience you can give your baby, hop over to our store and grab yourself a set of Adam’s Cloud Books. It’s Adams Cloud’s mission to help you create magical memories with our powerful parenting philosophy based on research, experience, love and inspiration.  It all boils down to this. Spend time with your children, create engaging experiences, bring them for a walk and tell them you love them each night before they go to sleep. If you do this, the rest will be more straightforward.      

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