Why Raising a Happy Child Is Like Baking Bread To Make A Yummy Sandwich
February 17, 2022

Why Raising a Happy Child Is Like Baking Bread To Make A Yummy Sandwich

If you read my "Reasons To Read" Blog, you will know that a child’s future is heavily influenced by their experiences in the first five years. So what happens after five years of age is a direct result of what goes before. To understand this better, let’s explain by using an analogy of a Baker (You) who bakes a loaf of bread (Your Baby 0-5) that wants to become a yummy Sandwich (the rest of your babies life 5+).

"Making A Yummy Happy Sandwich Is Much Easier If You Have A Delicious Loaf of Bread."

Stage 1: Baking your little Loafer (0 to 5 Years Old)

You can't make a good sandwich without a good slice of bread. The same principle applies to your baby. From 0 to 5, EVERYTHING they see, feel, touch, smell, see and hear become the ingredients in the unique recipe that is your child. The experiences these senses pick up are mixed together and baked with love, hugs, and kisses in a loving family oven. According to research, By age 5, your baby’s personality and psychological makeup are 90% baked. So it is essential that you fill all their senses with as many magical ingredients as possible to add zest, flavour and substance to your recipe. It takes five years to sprinkle your dough with enough sugar and spice and all things to make the perfect loaf. But when you do, you end up with a beautifully baked nutty 5-year-old loaf of bread. Now you have the essential requirement for any sandwich imaginable. All you have to do is test out different fillings to help your sliced pan grow up into the sandwich it's destined to be. Resource Page, This is a good resource page with lots of information to help you mix the best baby baking dough.

Stage 2: Making A Sandwich Out Your Beautiful Loaf (the rest you’re your life)

If you take the time to bake with patience and creativity, you will naturally add some secret sauce. The hard work is done and with yummy fresh, lovingly made bread, your sandwich will always smell, look and taste delicious regardless of what fillings and garnishes are used. Sometimes just a nob of butter and a dollop of jam is all that’s needed to complete the recipe.  Even if the filling is substandard, the quality of your happy loaf will compensate to still make it taste pretty good. All you need to do is keep adding new experiences until you naturally find the best filling to complement your bread.

What If You're Not a baker.

Don't get stressed trying to find the perfect recipe. For any untrained bakers out there (that’s literally everyone), let Adam’s Message of Love, Hugs and Kisses be your guide. All you have to do is constantly add the magic ingredients by stimulating their senses, by spending as much time as you can together as a family with plenty of walks and adventurous days out. But most of all, read them an Adam’s Cloud book and tell them you love them every night before they go to sleep. If you do that, you’re sure to make the sweetest bread and delicious Sandwich. Good Luck With Your Sandwich Everybody Love Hugs and Kisses Benji  

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