October 16, 2019

How Adam's Cloud Grants Wishes and Changes Lives.

When Make-A-Wish got in contact with me over 10 years ago to see if I would be interested in supporting their amazing work with donations from the proceeds of my books I jumped at the chance. You see, the thought of Adam helping to grant wishes, to the bravest little ones of us all, helped me make sense of why Adam had to go to his little cloud. I give thanks every day that Adam never suffered in any way and even on my darkest day I could never imagine (and still can’t) how any parent can possibly cope with the impossible pain, fear, worry, stress and anxiety they experience as they try to walk the lonely road when they are the ones picked to unconditionally love, protect, nurse and care for their sick child. Thankfully a lot of the time the outcome is good but sadly, as in my case, ones biggest fear comes knocking on someone’s door and we are always somehow relieved it is not ours.

But, here’s the thing! and this is why I would like you to come and support this wonderful day. I have always talked about creating magical memories as a family. What allowed me and my family survive our loss is that luckily we had many happy memories witnessing Adam’s shriek with excitement and burst out belly laughs any time he got a surprise or experienced a thrilling adventure on our family excursions. But when your child is sick it is almost impossible to feel any magic happiness or excitement. This is where Make-Wish-Come in to their own. The impact the granting of a wish for a sick child imprints on the entire family forever. The build up before the big day creates huge excitement and offers much needed respite to families who  just simply need to have just one nice day to remember. But more importantly, in the sad circumstances that a family does lose their little angel they will always hold deep in their heart the memory of that special day and it is often the memory of that special day that allows parents to survive their grief. Your gift to these beautiful families, by supporting this wonderful event or making a donation, is not just the gift of a memorable day out it can be the specific memory a parent clings onto that allows them to live after their loss and allows them smile, love and find happiness knowing they always had that special happy day with their special little boy or girl thanks to Make-A Wish. I found my way to be happy because of magical memories you can help other people like me do the same by granting them their wish. With an enormous hug for all Adam’s Army Benji You can make a donation to Make-A Wish here  https://www.makeawish.ie    

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