Experiencing Spring's Magical Moments
February 14, 2021

Experiencing Spring's Magical Moments

Winter has finally melted away revealing the magnificence of nature as buds blossom and blossoms bloom. Never quite knowing from where, the muffled sound of a dads Lawnmower rattles out from hibernation accompanied by hi pitched giggles of children playing in the garden. The air is filled with the fragrant scent of the lawns first cut. It is a smell that lures an enchanted memory from it’s secret hiding place reminding us that the warm haze of long lazy summer days are fast approaching. We smile as tiny itchy translucent flies dance in the air to welcome in the soft glow of an almost forgotten evening sun. The emergence of spring brings with it new life and golden opportunities to discover and experience captivating moments that inspire, motivate and invigorate both our children and ourselves. The chorus of returning birds chirping and singing for their breakfast on a dew laden morning arouse evolutionary instincts in children to want to engage with nature and go outside and explore. Exciting imaginative worlds lay discreetly hidden, waiting to be discovered under rocks and beneath moss covered trees as nature wakes up and explodes into life. To encourage and accommodate this natural instinct is our gift to give to our children. The more they explore the more they will become immersed in their own imagination surround by the beautiful blossoms of spring. With sticks playing a big role in their make believe they loose themselves in a magical world of Wizards, Unicorns, Flowers and Fairies. Under our watchful eye we notice them hunker down as low as they can go to smell a daffodil or observe the miniature habitats of spiders, worms and creepy crawlies. For what seems like an eternity they appear to be frozen in time as they fall under natures beautiful spell. With their minds clear they are happy. They are calm. Suddenly, as if spooked by a fairy they jump and run aimlessly through splashes of color until nature works it’s powerful magic and grabs their attention again with another magical delight. These wondrous moments are the essence of human happiness and can easily be missed. But, if we bring our family out to look for them our reward is rare and priceless. A magical keepsake memory to enjoy when we smile with pride and adoration as we simply watch and observe our magical little bundles of love absorb the powerful essence of nature into their growing and developing minds and bodies. The most important thing is they even though they may not see you, they know you are there… watching, loving, adoring and protecting. It is this feeling of comfort and security that fills their body and stays with them for an eternity and beyond. With love Hugs and kisses this spring Benji Xx adamscloud.com Bringing Families closer

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