Cover Story: Silver Lining Among The Clouds.
November 11, 2021

Cover Story: Silver Lining Among The Clouds.

Featured Cover Story  in the Irish Farmers Journal - Irish Country Living Supplement.  Beautifully Written by: Ciara Healy Stunning Photos by: The Spiritually Gifted Phill Doyle Photography.  Instagram: @Phill Doyle Photography From the most tragic circumstances, Benji Bennett has created  a beautiful books with a message that never grows old, to cherish the magical moments with your children. Ciara Leahy writes. There is a bench on Brittas Bay that looks out over the sea. The view is Sareen and the soundtrack of the sea is interspersed with the excited squeals of children playing in the sand. The waves move in and out and time passes. But on this bench, there is a little boy who never grows old a beautiful blonde curly haired child called Adam.


His dad, Benji, says: “Jackie and I love being out in nature and rain, hail or shine, we used to bundle up the kids and go for walks in the park or on the beach, Just exploring and having fun with Robbie, Adam and Harry. “And we have this mobile home in Brittas Bay and we would spend our summer is here, swimming and building sandcastles, building these beautiful memories with our kids.” To Continue reading please Visit Irish Farmers Journal.       

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