Adam's Birthday Message
June 01, 2022

Adam's Birthday Message

Adam & smiles

How making memories helps us celebrate Adam’s Birthday.

To have my heart and mind forever filled with images, sounds and memories of Adam immortalised in my thoughts as an inspirational innocent 4-year-old blond curly-haired, brown-eyed,  funny, giddy giggler is something I often consider a gift rather than a devastating loss.   All these years later, I still fondly think of Adam as a courageous little boy whose magical powers fill children's hearts with joy, minds with imagination, and families with love, hugs and kisses as they join Adam on wonderful adventures before they drift off to sleep. As every birthday passes, I feel continually blessed to remember Adam as he was on his last birthday with us, excited, happy, smiling, loving, affectionate, considerate, empathetic and simply great fun. He really was such a very good boy. Adam’s voice and giggles echo around my head and collide with beautiful images of the experiences we shared. Sounds and Images that can never escape the powerful gravity of my memory. These Memories I have of Adam are constantly relived on sunny, windy, rainy days. They come alive in forests and playgrounds, climbing mountains, rippling in puddles, whispering in lakes, and surfing on waves. They are triggered by kindergarten school bags, flights on holidays, dimples on the knuckles of pudgy brown hands and a pair of little blue crocs that took Adam’s little feet on all his amazing adventures. Unaware that Adam's time with us would be fleeting, I was always conscious of creating magical moments for Adam to provide him with lifelong happy memories of his childhood and time spent with his dad. I intended to provide Adam with all the inspiration, love and resilience he would need to live a happy life. Little did I realise that the gift I was trying to give Adam was Adam's Gift to me. My precious ever-present beautiful, and cherished memories of Adam now help me see the world through the innocent eyes of a child, with an adults perspective, the unconditional love of a parent, and the wisdom that comes from a life filled with love, laughter, family, hope and happiness as wells as loss and life’s adversities, challenges and fears. My Promise to Adam is always to help inspire families to create happy early childhood experiences, tell their children they are loved, and help them create a happy, loving family environment. Memories are not just for someone we love and miss dearly. They are needed by all of us from an early age. They help us through tough times in life,  provide the strength and resilience to cope with adversity and give an endless supply of happy inspirational energy and hope upon which to draw. Happy Birthday, Adam. Thank you for sprinkling the world with your magic and love, for giving me the gift of my memories of you and for continuing to inspire love and happiness to every child and family that welcomes you into their hearts and home. Love Dad.

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