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Baby & Pregnancy online Fair - Beauty & Benefits of reading with a new baby

A new approach to the wonderfully organised Baby & Pregnancy fair usually in RDS - we are going online this year due to the obvious COVID restrictions. This Sunday 4th October @ 4pm I will be giving a virtual talk on all things bonding, developing a connection with your new born baby and the advantages of touch, voice and reading. [video width="400" height="400" mp4=""][/video]

The Adams Cloud family photo shoot

#timeislove I have 10 sets of fabulous signed Adams Cloud All 9 Bonkers giftset for this weeks amazing Adams Cloud Photo fun competition.  Its amazing how few in focus family photos I have of families reading Adams Books together.  I have gazillions of amazing written messages of how much Adams Books are loved but not many pics.  Adams Cloud is a perfect world to showcase all your gorgeous fun filled family photos enjoying and savouring your time bonding and reading Adams book together How To Enter : Capture your family’s happy loving bonding moment whilst reading together with any of the Adams Cloud books in your photo Post to Facebook or Instagram tagging our pages: Facebook @AdamsCloud include the hashtag #timeislove or Instagram @Adams_Cloud include the hashtag #timeislove To submit your entry your photograph can be uploaded as a digital image onto the Adams Cloud website via  Your photo must be saved as a jpeg/jpg and be smaller than 3mb.   Before completing this entry please ensure you have read t&c's Read Adams Cloud Photo Competition T&C's

The Power of a Family Photo - #timeislove Photo Competition

I can't tell you how many fabulous, touching and incredible texts, email messages, letters and spoken words I have from the lovely people all around the world who love and have been impacted by Adams message in the Adams Cloud books.   And yet I have very few pictures of families reading and enjoying Adams books.   I am getting tired at looking at my ol face in the posts so I would absolutely love to see a fabulous selection of photos showing the beauty of how you look whilst reading and bonding  together so I am very excited to see what wonderful photographs you send in for this weeks #timeislove photo competition.   I wrote recently in the Irish Examiner my thoughts on reading with your family.... “I say ‘yes’ to my kids a lot and I say ‘no’ to my kids a lot,” he says, adding that when it comes to family first, children must also be expected to “give something into the heart.” “The message runs through the books, about love, happiness, kindness and friendship. “People often think that Before You Sleep is about me and Adam but it’s really about expressing how to love a child.” It’s about explaining to the child that you love him or her even more than the lovely adventures you have together, like Christmas and Halloween and a great day on the beach.
I’m a big believer that the relationship happens from the day a child is born.
“They’re absorbing everything. If you can match a happy warm feeling with every time a connection is made in the brain, it gets locked into the brain. “A lot of parents don’t necessarily know this because nobody’s told them about the importance of it – but it’s a belief and a theory and a philosophy which runs through all of my books in various forms.”
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Happy Birthday to Adam's Mum

Happy Birthday to Adam's Mum

Happy Birthday to Adam's Amazing Mum, Jackie
If it were not for this amazing, incredibly wonderful person there be no such thing as Adam's Cloud.
A rock of strength, source of wisdom and eternal support Jackie is the genesis and inspiration behind everything we are as a family and how we live our lives.  An incredible source of practical knowledge, Jackie is the instigator of all things fun and wonderful in our family.  The magician behind every magical moment, creator of all our treasured memories and keeper of my fragile heart. When I speak, or when I write it is Jackie's voice you will hear.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful & incredible wife
Love, Hugs & Birthday Kisses
From your nutty husband, Benji

Books that took my breath away

I have received my books today. Such beautiful books. So well illustrated and so so colourful. In fact the books took my breath away. Even reduced me to tears. My grandchildren will so enjoy these timeless books. 🥰XXX