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Benji's Bedtime Stories: Adam's Amazing Space Adventures

I have always loved Outer Space and the excitement of  watching the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket Launch on Wed 27th May @ 20.33 is big in our house. For all the lovely little Astronauts and happy tiny Alien friends this is the incredible Adam's Amazing Space Adventures bedtime story read by space loving Benji Bennett to celebrate Astronauts being launched into space from Launchpad 39 A - Fun Fact Launchpad 39A is the same launchpad that the Apollos Astronauts used to get to the moon .

Outer Space with Adams Cloud & NASA & SpaceX

Zoom spread the word!  An action packed night of Space Adventure with Adams Cloud, NASA & SpaceX Another return of Adams Amazing Space Adventures on Facebook Premiere this Wed 27th May  7:30 PM.   After the enormous response to all the previous Benji Bedtime is going to be even better because this time SpaceX & NASA will be going into Outer Space with their Falcon 9 launch too. So mums, dads, boys & girls put your safety belts on,  get the kettle ready for a relaxing cup of tea and take a break while I entertain your little Astronauts and help get them settled for bedtime.   Already very very excited in our house so I really really hope you all can make it too ... check out Adams Cloud Giftsets offers

#BloomwithRTE & beautiful memories

This week I should be up to my eyes and running around getting ready for Bloom 2020, the best Garden & Food event in Ireland.  today we have to #stayathome and remember the good ol days whilst looking forward excitedly for the next Bloom event, hopefully next year.  Instead RTE are having us all potter down memory lane on 31st May with #BloomwithRTE.  Its better than nothing really. Going  through all my posts and photos to put together something for #BloomwithRTE I couldn't believe how many kind and wonderful people with amazing stories that I had the pleasure to meet.   This photo is of a random act of kindness from a beautiful person who bought me this candle to put on my table early one morning before I had arrived at Bloom.  I remember being taken aback and I was so touched with this gift on a very special day that I spent ages fighting back the tears. Thank you all so much for visiting me at my Adams Cloud stand over the years.  I will definitely miss you all Benji X
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We Love Doggy Hugs

We Love Doggy Hugs

Molly has always loved Bailey but over the last couple of months the bond has become even stronger with endless Doggy Hugs and endless playing together especially with no school and no friends. I have to say I've been very happy that Bailey is around to entertain us all and bring a lot of unconditional doggy love our way.

" We are extremely lucky to have our children's children in our lives "

Thank you Claire Barker for your lovely words filled with the sentiments of a grandmother I bought this recently and read it to my beautiful grandchildren a 4 year old and a baby, my granddaughter really liked it and could relate to things that she has done, eg visits the beach had an ice cream, we are extremely lucky to have our children's children in our lives, thank you for writing this book, I'm sorry for your loss, he must of been one amazing little boy, such happy memories, such amazing parents x. ¬†