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This, I really hope, will set you up for the week. ☀️ Take your time, breathe deeply, just think of nice thoughts, watch the sunrise and start your day in a beautiful way.  I shot in landscape this time, I think is better. What do you think? Have the best week you can everyone.  Lots of love Benji Xx

Adams Cloud Giftsets Offers still available for January

The Giftsets as you know are the most Magical Gift with its free books, Jigsaw, beautiful free presentation folder and free shipping so pick a pack for every little boy, girl and family as we stay home safe for this lockdown.

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I am so excited to share the view each morning at Adam's Bench so you can catch a little breather and start the day with a little ease.  Your response from each mornings visit is so heartwarming and I'm so happy to be able to bring a little special something to your day. We are hoping to get to 10k followers on Instagram. Follow Adams Cloud for Benji's Blogs, offers, competitions and videos.    Click below to join and please share lots of love, hugs & kisses
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Molly & Bailey Homeschooling

Molly & Bailey Homeschooling

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Anything goes during home schooling-including doggy on table.  A massive big Adams Cloud thanks to all these incredible hardworking teachers out there figuring this remote learning for us. 

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The Skehans love Adams Amazing Space Adventures

I got a nice suprise yesterday morning when Sofie Skehan posted she was reading Adams Amazing Space Adventures to Noah whilst his little brother Oliver had a nice nap.  It is amazing to know how much Adams books are loved out there.   Let me know which is your family's favourite Adams book too Benji Xx

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Adam Saves the Seasons StoryTime with Benji Bennett

WARNING :  This is not the discombobulated version.  So many of you tell me this is the favourite word with your kids ! As we all stay within our 5K and homeschool, work & parent over these next few weeks please utilise the online Adams Cloud book readings with me for a chance to grab a break & cuppa - click link below share, share, share  Enjoy everyone Benji Xx

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