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20% of ADAMS PLAYGROUND JIGSAW While Stocks Last

Hurry Hurry, Chicken Curry  - For all your happy little children and their happy little hands and happy little faces stock up on the perfect children's Adams Playground Jigsaw for this weeks amazing 20% special offer.   Click on Jigsaw link below and enter JIG to receive the 20% offer for this week special deal or until stock is available.

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Week of the Jigsaw

To keep everyone entertained during the chillier days Adams Playground Jigsaw has an amazing 20% special offer for one week so jump on board or cart and get this beautiful 25 piece puzzle.  Jackie is very particular about her Jigsaws and after lots of looking around insisted that her beloved ADAMS PLAYGROUND JIGSAW was to be made by Orchard Toys so you know it will last a long time in your childs cognitive development.  Everyone loves a beautifully made Jigsaw as a gift and we are proudly showcasing ADAMS PLAYGROUND JIGSAW to all our Adams Cloud readers out there.

Don't miss out on a great chance to win one of  10 sets of f All 9 Books & Jigsaw in this months Photo competition. Were looking for some beautiful shots that portray to magical  bond created between Children and Parents/Grandparents through reading Adams Cloud books

To Enter: Simply Capture a magical reading moment and post your photo to Facebook or Instagram tagging our pages: Facebook @AdamsCloud, Instagram @Adams_Cloud Or Simply Email your image to

check out Adams Playground Jigsaw

TIME - It breaks our heart then helps it to heal

This thought woke me up at 4:30 am and I could not get back to sleep until I wrote it down to share with you.   Time! It breaks our heart then helps it to heal.  It creates everything we love then takes it away.  It is a vast emptiness yet full of wonder.  It can go by in an instant yet can drag on for an eternity.  It creates wars then brings them to an end.  It is endless yet has no beginning.  It changes nothing yet changes everything.  It builds empires, dictators, love and hatred then, tears them down and starts again.  It is both a creator and destroyer of everything. We worry about time, but time is not an hour, a week, a month or a year.  It is simply a moment.  A point in between what it gives us and what it takes away, what it creates and destroys. It is a memory on our journey between life and death. Why does time have such a different effect on people who live through it. We are all touched by time in exactly the same way yet it effects us all both positively and negatively in different ways. If we respect time, time will respect us back. Waste time, and you will feel its wrath. Spend time with those you love and time will love you back. Time is both a giver and a taker but we can cheat time and escape it’s devastating consequences by creating magical moments and memories of our loved ones that time can never take away from us. This is the power love has over time and the more moments we create, the more we will experience the gift time has to offer. So… Live in the moment. Love your family with all your heart. And experience the wonder, beauty and gift of the miracle that is time. Fill your heart with Love Hugs and Kisses for everyone and everything and time will be your friend in 2020. Sweet dreams to all our friends. Big Hugs, Benji
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Jigsaw Giggles

Jigsaw Giggles

The satisfied smile and little giggle of a happy fella after putting together his favourite Jigsaw.  Adams Playground Jigsaw always brings happiness and joy especially this week as we offer 20% off for one week only or until stock lasts - enter this weeks code offer JIG to receive your 20% saving from Adams Cloud with all my love, hugs & Kisses Benji Xx

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Thank you for sharing your Love with others

" I got my delivery today and I‚Äôm sitting hear alone reading these wonderful .. colourful... inspiring books. ¬†I can‚Äôt wait to share them with my grandson who will be born at the end of the year. ¬†These will be so very loved by us all and read over and over again. Thank you for sharing your love with others ‚̧ԳŹ¬†
Kerri O' Brien Beaulieu