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Benji's Bedtime Stories: Adam's Amazing Space Adventures

For all the lovely little Astronauts and happy tiny Alien friends this is the incredible Adam's Amazing Space Adventures bedtime story read by space loving Benji Bennett. Every boy & girl loves the planets, moon, sun & stars 🌟

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This week I'm hoping to spend time with my mum and dad as the cocooning relaxes.  They are getting older now so gotta put family first and make some time, create the memories and have no regrets.

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RELEASE of Hardback Before You Sleep Limited Edition    check out Before You Sleep Hardback - Limited Edition

The Bereaved Father

THE BEREAVED FATHER - published 20/6/2020 Irish Times Benji Bennett (49), an author and publisher, is Dad to Harry (19), Robbie (13) and Molly (12). He is also dad to Adam, who died in 2007 from an undiagnosed brain tumour aged 4. He, his children and wife, Jackie, live in Dublin. “Adam was a unique little boy, a real head-turner, complemented with giddiness and lovely charm. Three days before August 13th, he complained of a headache, and after a couple of nights we brought him to the hospital. After a seizure, he went unconscious. It was a really weird experience – it wasn’t a trauma like a car crash or a fall. It was very calm. When Adam went unconscious I was still thinking, ‘he’ll be fine.’
“The doctors brought him in for a scan and I never let go of his hand. The one memory I have of that moment was seeing the doctors watching the monitor, and the looks on their faces........
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Benji & friends on Adams Bench

Benji & friends on Adams Bench

Having the craic with these two great fellas, fun & friends on Adams Bench

The Undeniable Power of Before You Sleep

As a big reader of bedtime stories I bought this book to read to my 21 year old daughter just after she'd had a double brain stema stroke and was intubated. It arrived in time for me to read to her in the last moments before she passed away. When I couldn't find the words you found them for me. I shall treasure it forever. 💕🌈