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22 Years of Married Bliss

This is our personal video highlighting the best bits of our married life together.  22 years is a long time but Im looking forward to the next 22 with Jackie

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Adams Playground Jigsaw

Adams Playground Jigsaw

Adams Playground Jigsaw, Everyones favourite family pastime.  How long do you take to make it ?

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Celebrating our Wedding Anniversary

22 Years ago I wrote a song for my bride to be and plucked up enough courage to sing it to her on our wedding day.
At the time I could never have imagined how the words I sang that day would ring true and save me.
"You’re my rock.
My pillar of strength
My friend
And I can’t live with you".
As we both said "I Do" we began an epic journey and took off as bride and groom to make friends with the world and discover the hidden treasures of happiness in the most simple of things.  I made this video to remind us of what we have, what we have lost and how hard we have fought to keep the magical romance and love of that day alive to share and inspire our children.
This year I have decided to share this very personal video as a reminder that raising a happy family together is hard, full of twists & turns and booby-trapped with unexpected and difficult challenges that need to be overcome as a family. But as we all travel the journey together our hard work is rewarded with magical moments filled with love, happiness and beautiful memories.
Sometimes when we find ourselves lost in an uncomfortable life we hardly recognise, it is those beautiful memories that take us by the hand and lead us back home to where we are our happiest.  What I have come to realise is that every time we create one of these magical moments or beautiful memories we are leaving behind a trail to follow to help us home if we ever get lost.
So after 22 Years still trying to figure it all out I have learned that the more we work to create magical moments the easier it is to find our way home when life sends us down a rocky road without any signposts. Work together, make memories and always find your way home to happiness
Don't forget reading to, and telling children they are loved each night will create the magical moments they need to find their happy home.
Lots of Love Hugs and Kisses
Benji Xx
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"Absolutely love these books and the messages they teach our kids"

I just wanted to send you a message, we have been reading your books to our 2 girls almost 2 and 4 yrs since they were born. The favourites change every so often but at the moment our almost 4 yr old prefers When you were born. The other day at dinner she announced to me that when she was in heaven before she was born she chose this house because its the best one. Absolutely love these books and the messages they teach our kids. Thank you for the books and the heartfelt stories in them. x Jennifer Worthington  

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