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Benji Bennett Reads Adams Pirate Treasure "Live"

A massive response to Benji's first ever Facebook Live Reading with the  most amazing feedback from thousands and thousands of viewers from so many different places in the World.  Looks like were going to have to make this a regular event.  Wonder what book everyone will pick for the next AdamsCloud Bedtime reading on Monday 30th ?

Staying in together fun

Help spread the word! New Facebook live Bedtime Story Thursday 26th 7:30 PM. After the enormous response to Monday’s Adams Cloud Storytime Live reading, Thursday 26th March is going to be even better because this time I’ll be singing the “ Pirate Book” as well as reading Adam’s Pirate Treasure.  I’ll also put all the gorgeous photos of the kids on the Adams Cloud TV screen.  To get in on the action simply post a photo of the kids with their favourite Adam Book that you are happy for me to put on the Adams Cloud screen and TAG  @AdamCloud and I’ll get through as many shout outs as I can. So get the kettle ready for a relaxing cup of tea and take a break while I entertain your little pirates and help get them settled for bedtime.   Already very very excited in our house so I really really hope you all can make it too ...     check out Adams Cloud Giftsets offers

Doing the things I was afraid to do

It is so strange to be working and figuring out the techy stuff around the first every Adams Cloud Storytime reading which went live on Monday.  The success of the reading and the response from everyone big and small just blew me away.  The lovely words and pictures that came in were inspirational to me as they showed me how much Adam and his message in his books means to every boy and girl, mum & dad, grandparents, everyone really eleven years on. A few years ago I got the idea to do this and went to IKEA, bought all the bits and pieces to make a set fun & interesting for little eyes.  Went home, put my lovely newly purchased loot in the back room and there it stayed because I got nervous about the idea and never to took it further.  I bottled it about the whole idea and basically did a runner.  I learnt a lot this week about listening to my gut instinct, is that what slowing down can do ?  Althought the most important thing at this very present time is looking after ourselves and our little lovely children to keep them well, safe & contented with the knowledge that they are very very loved which is what Adams message is 'Bringing Families Closer'  Xx
Molly's Makeup Class with Benji

Molly's Makeup Class with Benji

Arts & Crafts all day every day in many houses throughout the land.  Happy times with Molly and her makeup paint and always happy to be the model  Xx

Unbelievable expression of Love & Magic

Wonderful heart breaking and heart warming journey. Your books are an unbelievable expression of love and magic that is undiscribeable.  This is the set I got my grandson and he adores them... A lovely message from Sharon Dean