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Adam Saves The Seasons

As a families in lockdown are now discovering that the amount of time being spent together can be really beneficial and rewarding but like anything there will always be stress points which is why a fantastic distraction is books and the outdoors.  Here are both in Adams Saves the Seasons with everybody's favourite Adam, Fluff & friends traveling through all the seasons ? Time to read about how Adam brings happiness back to Nature. Here's a little video teaser.

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This Week I am excited to share the new Before You Sleep video after many years dreaming about it in my head.  Also a brilliant way to remind everyone of the unforgettable beauty in the illustrations and emotional feeling throughout the love filled verse.   The Giftsets as you know are the most Magical Gift with its free book, beautiful free presentation folder and free shipping  so pick a pack for every little boy, girl and family this Christmas.

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Barretstown Camp as they helped me & my family

Barretstown Camp as they helped me & my family

Barretstown Camp are very important to Jackie and I for the incredible & life changing work they did for us.  I am always only too glad to do anything to help the Barretstown Camp cause.  I have three books supporting Barretstown first one is Childrens book of the Year Before You Sleep, then Adams Pirate Treasure & Adams World of Wonder which were both nominated for the Irish Childrens book of the year.  Here is Mr Jonathon Rhyss Meyers helping me hold the Adams Cloud books which of course I told him to keep for his little boy Wolf.  I'm hoping they are reading Adams books together happily in lockdown somewhere safe & sound filled with love, fun & adventure. Here we are at the Ray Darcy show & Someone said that he is the spit of me !  thought I was his brother .....

Thank you and just to let you know I miss meeting everyone

A Special Message! Over the last few weeks I had to down tools and take some time out with Jackie and recover from an emotionally draining, busy & weird summer.   Normally, in days of old, I would be promoting all around the country meeting so many wonderful people who kindly share their stories with me.  Stories about how they have enjoyed my books with their family, stories of how they have sent the books around the world helping to spread Adam's message.  We always laughed, cried, hugged and listened to each other as we shared our stories, thoughts and what we have learnt about life so far ! Some stories were harder to hear than others and all I wanted to do was to take their pain away and make everything Ok for them. But for some all I had to offer were tears and a hug from a stranger. But what struck me about all of these wonderful Mums and Dads Granny's and Granddads I met was that, no matter what their story, they all radiated a warm smile filled with an immense sense of love, emotion, inspiration and devotion to their families.I don’t know if smiling is just our way to hide our worries or maybe we can smile because we take time to notice and cherish the special little people in our lives that make us happy. The essences of Adam’s Message is that children help us to smile and the more we smile the happier they are too. If we give them the time, and let them, our children can take us gently by the hand and bring us to their magical innocent, timeless little world of happiness, unconditional love and peace, even if only for a moment. Probably a romantic notion, but I do like to think that when people buy my books they are not only buying them for the children in their lives but also for themselves and for their families to share a special moment together.  It is this thought that keeps me going to know Adam was here for that reason and that this is his gift to the world. So I suppose the reason for my post today is to simply say thank you to all the amazing people that I have met over the many years  and for every comment, every story, every tear, every hug, and every message of encouragement and support and for letting me know how Adam’s message and my books have books have touched your families in a positive way.   I want you to know that whilst I miss meeting you over the last months that I look forward greatly to meeting again to continue our chats. For that I am truly blessed and humbled. It is you who give me the encouragement and confidence to keep going while together we continue to change the world with 3 simple words. Love, Hugs & Kisses. Benji

The unveiling of the Beautiful Before You Sleep Hardback

The magic moment when I first saw Before You Sleep hardback version sitting on Adams Bench.  I was overwraught with pride, love, emotion

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