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First Ever Benji Bedtime Storytime with Adam's Pirate Treasure

Over 14 weeks ago we all settled down to watch the first ever Benji Bedtime Storytime and I was a little nervous as Adams Cloud had never done one before.  Watch the Adams Cloud TV with Adam, all the Pirates & Teddy Bears again for a swashbuckling adventure.

This Week...

This week I'm hoping to spend time with my mum and dad as the cocooning relaxes.  They are getting older now so gotta put family first and make some time, create the memories and have no regrets.

Up Coming Events

2nd July : Molly's Birthday.  Will have to get the guitar out to get the whole family singing Happy Birthday   check out Adams Cloud Giftsets offers

How to get your little one ready to share mum and dad with a new baby brother or sister.

There are few things in life that are more special than learning and sharing the news that “We’re Going To Have A Baby!” But how can we make the news extra magical for a big brother or sister who are not quite sure they are ready to share mum and dad with a new baby brother or sister. Well, here is a little story of how I think the sentiment behind “When You Were Born” can help plant a little seed in your child’s happy mind to make them feel very special and important during the loving preparations for the arrival of a new baby brother or sister. When an expectant mum arrives at my bookstand with a little toddler who likes my books I love to fuss over them and get excited for them that they are going to be a new big brother or sister.
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The birthday girl Molly

The birthday girl Molly

Happy Birthday Molly born on July 2nd 12 years ago.  You are the bestest, most amazing, sunniest, kindest & funniest girl I know Dad Xx

Sitting & reading Adam's Books has made this time even more special

Thank you so much for these books, we have 2 little boys and prior to lockdown life was so crazy, life has slowed down for us and I now appreciate time with my boys. Sitting and reading Adam's books to them has made this time even more special. They're faces light up with every page turned and the message from Before you sleep, has had a big impact on me and my husband, our babys are so special and I thank you for helping us to realise that. Amazing stories beautifully written. Again Thank you -Zoe E