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Finding Beauty in Grief

It is my hope that my words, thoughts and experiences about Adam's death discussed her with Brian Dowling for his podcast @deathbecomeshimbybdg can offer help to anyone who is terrified about their future and what their future could look like even when they are in the darkest pit of grief.  Unfortunately most of us are going through this or know of someone struggling through and it is my hope that by sharing this will shine a little ray of hope over us all.  Please share the link below to those you feel could benefit from listening.

Listen to Benji's on @deathbecomeshimbybdg Podcast

Seminars & Adams Cloud Book offers

Join me at the Mood Re-Boot Webinar series for my talk on "The Value of Reading "which expands the imagination, thus igniting the brain

Also a Q&A session after so I will look forward to hearing your thoughts.  Book your free spot on the link below

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Imagine with Adams Amazing Space Adventures

Imagine with Adams Amazing Space Adventures

Imagine and discover another life of planets, aliens, fast cars and spectacular space with Adams Amazing Space Adventures just like Ben

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The Skehans love Adams Amazing Space Adventures

I got a nice suprise yesterday morning when Sofie Skehan posted she was reading Adams Amazing Space Adventures to Noah whilst his little brother Oliver had a nice nap.  It is amazing to know how much Adams books are loved out there.   Let me know which is your family's favourite Adams book too Benji Xx

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Benji's Bedtime Stories: Adam's Amazing Space Adventures

For all the lovely little Astronauts and happy tiny Alien friends this is the incredible Adam's Amazing Space Adventures bedtime story read by space loving Benji Bennett. Every boy & girl loves the planets, moon, sun & stars ?