The Scientifically Proven Benefits And Tips For Reading To Babies and children.

The Answers To Your Why, What And When Questions About Reading To Infants.

I hope you had a chance to read my main blog on Reasons & Benefits of Why You Should Read To Your Baby, where I use cute little characters I called  “Happy Snappies”. to explain what’s going on in a baby’s brain. In this supplemental blog,  I have listed some tips and scientifically proven facts and benefits to help you understand more about the importance of reading to your baby.

Firstly, this insightful short, 4 minute, Video I found is worth watching. It explains what the happy Happy Snappies do.

How reading has a lifelong impact on your baby’s development.

The  Scientifically Proven Facts About the Benefits Of Reading To Your Baby

  1. Establishing routines:

    If you get the routine down early, there will be no tears and trauma at bedtime as it will be a race up the stairs to get teeth brushed and PJ’s on, ready for another epic bedtime cuddle and story.

  2. School Success:

    If you read from infancy, your baby will be king of the school jungle as your little genius will have developed strong language and communication skills.

  3. School Readiness. 

    Reading helps your child become accustomed to listening and focusing. (I could have done with a little bit more of that skill when I was a kid)

  4. Reading aloud stimulates language skills, cognitive thinking skills, and enhances memory.

    Ah Yes! The Happy Snappies I told you about in my “Reasons to Read” article are all working away to make this happen.

  5. Reading books aloud can also help build a child’s vocabulary.

    The sooner they have the words to tell you what they need, what’s bothering them, how they feel or just having a giggly chat, the better. The more words parents use when speaking to an 8-month-old infant, the greater their child’s vocabulary size at age 3.

  6. Reading aloud helps children bond with their parents.

    As I said in my “Reasons To Read” article, it’s the feeling your baby gets when it experiences the sound of your voice, the beat of your heart and the warmth of your embrace that bonds you together forever.

  7. It boosts brain development.

    The happy Snappies working their magic 24/7/365

  8. It supports basic speaking skills

    Think of how accents differ around the world. A baby can only speak by learning to listen and replicate the sounds they hear. The more they hear, the more they speak.

  9. It supports lasting literacy skills. 

    It’s like riding a bike. Once they learn, they will never forget how much fun it is to read.

  10. It helps to shape social and emotional development.

    Now we are getting to Adam’s message of love, hugs, kisses and kindness.

  11. It encourages your baby to look, point, touch, and answer critical thinking and problem-solving questions

    . Like how did Adam get to the moon in his space rocket?

  12. Builds listening memory. 

    That’s those Happy Snappies at it again.

  13. Reading feeds their imagination, curiosity and appetite for Knowledge

    . It brings a whole new meaning to the expression “Eats Books.”

  14. It teaches them about the world around them.

    Particularly if you read them Adams World of Wonders, of course.

Tips for Reading with to your Baby 


What Books To Read To Your Baby?

Set your baby’s Happy Snappies on fire with an Inspired by love Gift Box of books from Adams Cloud. Full of hugs, kisses, kindness, friendship and happiness, it’s the one-stop-shop for all you need to read.

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