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October 5, 2020

It's Space Week: Time to Read Adam's Amazing Space Adventure.

Giggle your way through the solar system with Benji's fabulous reading of Adam's Amazing Space Adventure to celebrate Space week. Join Adam on a magical trip around the planets to find out where aliens drive in their cars. I hope you like the funny voices.

Getting ready for Space Week & #grandparentsday

Enjoy Benji's spectacular reading of Adams Amazing Space adventure, join in the fun download and colour-in Adam and his space rocket - see below A massive big hug to all the Amazing Grandparents out there who are missing hugs from their favourite little people. It's hard to bear but hopefully a lovely reading of Before you Sleep over Zoom with the grandchildren might be the next best thing to a hug. Check out Jennifer Hogan's Irish Times article of how having children have inspired a change in career for some parents including yours truly.     Download Your Colouring Pages Here

When you become a New Dad you get a New Brain

I received a beautiful email from a new Dad who I happened to play football with in a previous life ! The content of his message is below but the reason I am sharing this particular message is not because it helps explain the deep emotional bonding experience this Dad had by simply spending time reading his son a story. His message inspired this response from me. Having children changes everything about who you are and how you live and once you embrace family first as you all have done you will find you will get through absolutely anything when your family is in your corner. Keep loving life enjoy the great outdoors and have fun on the rollercoaster of being a Dad. Make the magic happen and create the magical memories by enjoying a day out his eyes
Hi Benji   I just wanted to send you an email to tell you what a big impact your books have had on me, my family and my relationship with my son. I remember a night, many years ago at football, hearing that Adam was unwell from Gav and that he had been rushed to hospital. It was not long after that I heard of his passing. It was truly dreadful news and I cannot begin to imagine the pain you felt. At the time I was still single and did not fully understand what it meant to be a father. Fast forward several years and I am now married with my own little boy who will turn 3 next month. Like Adam, he has blonde curls and is a real little character. I struggled to read “When you were Born” to him as it brought to life the bond that I feel with my son and the pain you must have gone through losing Adam. It made me cry every time. But it also reminded me of how lucky we are to have a son and how important it is to cherish every minute with him. We have 3 of your books and I have just bought the rest of them (bar the Christmas one which we will get later in the year) and I read them to him pretty much every night. Fluff is his hero these days and he even called his goldfish after him! I have read many children’s books to him in the past 12 months but I can honestly say yours are unique and truly fantastic in terms of the back story, the illustrations, the actual stories and the message for parents like me.
Imagine with Adams Amazing Space Adventures

Imagine with Adams Amazing Space Adventures

Imagine and discover another life of planets, aliens, fast cars and spectacular space with Adams Amazing Space Adventures just like Ben

"really important to give special times to our children"

I received this wise and encouraging message from a lovely grandmother as never has it been so true and important in these lockdown times to really consider where our happiness comes from and what we need to do to keep happiness alive in our loved ones lives. Diane writes "Every time I read your posts I feel so emotional. My grandson loves our bedtime stories. It really is so important to give special times to our childrenXxx Lots of love to you and your family Diane Vivian" PS I love these books so much, I've  ordered them & I've shared with others