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June 28, 2021

Jackie's 20 year Amazing Adventure

The start of Jackie's 20 yr campervan dream👫
We might need your tips along the way 😉 to help us beginners out 😂
Lots of Love & Hugs Benji & Jackie Xx

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Adams Special Birthday Surprise


To Celebrate Fathers Day this year I will be including a free 15cm Baby Benji  Bear with every full collection of all 9 book purchased (details here). This offer also includes 3 free books free shipping and years of happy reading for children from birth all the way up to 8 years of age.

To get you FREE Bear and 3 free books just order the full collection 9 book deal as normal and we will automatically add the bear to you order. Check out Adams Cloud Giftsets Latest Offers
Barretstown Camp as they helped me & my family

Barretstown Camp as they helped me & my family

Barretstown Camp are very important to Jackie and I for the incredible & life changing work they did for us.  I am always only too glad to do anything to help the Barretstown Camp cause.  I have three books supporting Barretstown first one is Childrens book of the Year Before You Sleep, then Adams Pirate Treasure & Adams World of Wonder which were both nominated for the Irish Childrens book of the year.  Here is Mr Jonathon Rhyss Meyers helping me hold the Adams Cloud books which of course I told him to keep for his little boy Wolf.  I'm hoping they are reading Adams books together happily in lockdown somewhere safe & sound filled with love, fun & adventure. Here we are at the Ray Darcy show & Someone said that he is the spit of me !  thought I was his brother .....

Adams Cloud & Anam Cara supporting each other

Every time you buy an Adams Cloud book a small donation from the proceeds is made on your behalf to one of the 5 Children's Charities Jackie & I support. So far over €65,000 has been raised supporting Make-A-Wish Ireland Anam Cara Supporting Parents after Bereavement Barnardos Ireland Barretstown   and LauraLynn – Ireland’s Children’s Hospice One of these special charities close to our hearts is Anam Cara for many different reasons.  A while ago, long before all the Covid restrictions were placed upon us, I was at the launch of Anam Cara Supporting Parents after Bereavement Information pack to assist parents and siblings suffering from the devastation that comes with the loss of a child.   When we lost Adam one of the hardest things to cope with was the lack of information and resources and the absence of hope for the future. There was no one we could talk to who could possibly understand what we, as a couple and a family, were going through. No one could tell me I might be able to smile again. No one could tell me that the unbearable pain might subside and be replaced by powerful emotions. No one could tell me that I would be facing the fight of my life, that there was no way around it other than meet it head on. No on could tell me that it might be possible to have a meaningful life again. No on could tell me anything.   And now thanks to there is now support and information available to address those questions and fears. In a series of booklets written by bereaved parents for bereaved parents the information pack is filled with wisdom, experiences and hope and can help someone you know through the maze of grief and shine a light on the future in the knowledge that you are not alone, that there is hope, that you will smile again and the pain becomes bearable.  Grief, like a hurricane is powerful, terrifying destructive and relentless and leaves you in the wake of it's destruction. Afterwards comes the stillness, that eerie silence accompanied by shock and realisation of what has happened. It is then that you notice the sky is blue and the heat of the sun kisses your face and then, without even knowing what you are doing or for what reason, you unconsciously pick up a useless, hopeless piece of splintered wood out of and enormous a pile of rubble, and you begin... Please share this post someone you know may need it or drop me a line if you need to
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Adam's Message

Adam's Cloud is inspired to Bring families closer through Adam's inspirational message of the importance of love and family time. Here is Benji talking about the importance of family in the media.