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April 5, 2021

Adams Cloud Beautiful New Ad

A beautifully simple video showcasing the wonder and magic of Adams Cloud books bringing families closer

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Adams Cloud Giftsets offers & deals

This Week I am excited to share the new Before You Sleep video after many years dreaming about it in my head.  Also a brilliant way to remind everyone of the unforgettable beauty in the illustrations and emotional feeling throughout the love filled verse.   The Giftsets as you know are the most Magical Gift with its free book, beautiful free presentation folder and free shipping  so pick a pack for every little boy, girl and family this Christmas.

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Adams Bench & Daisies

Adams Bench & Daisies

That time of year when Adam's Bench is surrounded by love and beautiful, happy dancing daisies

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"I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace you’ve brought to my child "

Hi Benji, I just wanted to drop a message to say what an amazing impact you’ve had on my son.  He LOVES ‘before you go to sleep’.  And I mean ... loves.  I am not exaggerating when I say we have to read it to him every single night, at least once.  Also not only at bedtime, if he’s feeling overwhelmed or frustrated, or even just needs to focus cleaning his teeth, reciting a few pages of the book helps him calm right down (and I can recite it perfectly word for word because I’ve read it Every Single Day.  For the last 8 months ish.  Whilst I’m saying Thank You through slightly gritted teeth (because I love the book too but I’d love to read a different book just once!) I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace you’ve brought to my child. He’s non verbal so can’t read along yet, but he loves pointing to the animals and making the “pow” sound for dynamite exploding. This book goes everywhere with us. Every car, train and plane ride. He thrusts it into the hands of anyone that comes through the door and forces them to read - and who can blame him. It’s a lovely book.  I think perhaps it’s time to invest in a hardback version! Hannah McCann Xx

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Adams Cloud Books, Where Love Lives On Every Page

Adams Cloud Books create A powerful bonding experience for parents to share with their children filled with Love hugs and kisses.

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