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March 15, 2021

Benji Reads Adam & The Magic Rainbow

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St Patricks Day at Adams Cloud

As this is the week for lots of green & Irish fun with St Patricks Day on Wednesday I would love to celebrate it with you all with dance, singing & colouring.  There is a fabulous Irish Jig in Adam & the Magic Rainbow book reading that you can all start dancing to ......tell me how you get on Don't forget to join the Adams Army email and join us on Facebook & Instagram too.  You can always tag your beautiful St Patricks Day colourings & special messages to families all over the world and make this St Patricks Day extra special and filled with lots of Love, Hugs & Kisses check out Adams Cloud Giftsets Latest Offers

How Adam's message has touched a special new Mum & Dad's family

Changing lives A Beautiful heartwarming story of a Mums story and how Adam's message has touched her loving family. A story I hope you choose to share... Dear Benji I'm not sure where to start and I wanted to message you privately as not many people know my story but mainly to thank you. My husband and I tried for 8 years to start a family until finally we decided to go down the IVF road as it was our last chance . It's the hardest thing we have ever had to do but it was our only hope, we both wanted children in fact I have always worked with children so it was huge for me. Anyway, there were a lot of low points but after 12mts and sadly 3 failed transfers we were blessed with a beautiful son. I had been collecting books for him before he was born as I love reading but nothing could prepare me for yours. The first book we read together was “Before You Sleep” and I pretty much cried through the whole book, the absolute pure love that just jumps from every page is just breathtaking. I did not think it was possible to put into words the love a parent feels for their child but I was wrong. Our son is our little miracle and the last 4 years have been incredible but I think the biggest thing to come from this is I showed my husband the book and explained yours and Adam’s story and although he won't admit it he had to hold back the tears. From that evening on my husband , a man who will admit to having never read a book in his life now runs upstairs behind our son tucks him into bed and cuddles up for story time and we have you and Adam to thank for that. We tell him everyday “I love you” and count our blessings but I wanted to thank you for the impact you have made on our lives. My husband especially thanks you for all the extra time he now spends with his son so Thank you Benji for sharing Adam with us, he has a place in our hearts. Thank you again xx Family time is snuggled up under the covers with love hugs and kisses Benji Xx
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Dream Big Little Man

Dream Big Little Man

The most beautiful message about Jackie sent in by Sinead Hingston and she lovingly photographed her beautiful boy reading Adams World of Wonder

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Adams Bench

This, I really hope, will set you up for the week. ☀️ Take your time, breathe deeply, just think of nice thoughts, watch the sunrise and start your day in a beautiful way.  I shot in landscape this time, I think is better. What do you think? Have the best week you can everyone.  Lots of love Benji Xx