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September 7, 2020

This is Adam's Story. Be part of it.

Please watch this beautiful video about Adam and how Adams Cloud came about.  Love lives on every Adams Cloud page.

Adams Cloud September fun

Another week for every boy & girl to run back into their ¬†creche, preschool and primary school to start learning lots of new and exciting things. ¬†I too am starting to learn lots of new weird and wonderful things in Adams Cloud. ¬†Its called digital marketing and I am having lots of fun creating ads, stories, content and all sorts. ¬†Next week you will see the start of our fantastic photo competition (details to follow) so Get Ready to Click     check out Before You Sleep Hardback - Limited Edition

The Power of Sound

Here's is a very special and memorable photo which I wanted to share with you all as the people in it are real heroes and legends. ¬†Back in 2012 amazing mum Geraldine sent me a message which knocked me for six. ¬†It was the remarkable story of her reading Before You Sleep to her really very sick little newborn twin boy Noah after he contracted a life threatening illness. ¬†she finished off the message with these words that will always stay with me ¬†"When he was in intensive care I wanted him to hear my voice as much as possible and so I brought in your wonderful books which belonged to my older children. I loved reading the I love you book "Before You Sleep" to him, I'd read it over & over and one evening the intensive care nurse said to me that it was amazing, his heart rate had come right down as I read to him. Because of this I know he was hearing me. As a result of his illness he lost his hearing and is now awaiting cochlear implant. What I really wanted you to know is that those stories are amongst the last words Noah heard & I can‚Äôt imagine any nicer story so full of love to have told him, so thank you so much for writing it" After all these years I got to meet Noah with his successful cochlea implant at a books signing in Woodbine Bookshop. ¬†To read the message fully click the blog below    
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Special Kisses with Cara & When You Were Born

Special Kisses with Cara & When You Were Born

This beautiful little girl Cara who is a much loved friend of ours in Adams Cloud has special kisses for When You Were Born.  Her lovely Mum Clodagh told me she really loves her Adam's stories along with her big sister Olivia.

Review from Canada

"Happy Birthday Benji, all the way from Canada's West Coast. You have touched the lives of so many people worldwide. ¬†Thank you for sharing your precious memories and bringing them to life in your books. ¬†Sending you and your family so much love and so many hugs" Sheila Alwell