Delivering Love, Hugs and Kisses as normal. Stay safe everyone! 🤗


Someone truly special and my International Woman of the year is Adam’s Mum Jackie, the inspiration and magical heart beat behind Adam’s Message of Love, Hugs & Kisses. By living Adams Message every day she is the genesis of our mission to Bring Families closer and fill the world with kindness, friendship and love.

Adam's Mum Jackie

It is thanks to Jackie,  that I spent so much precious time building memories with Adam so that I can cherish them forever.
It is thanks to her that our whole family has survived our loss
It is Jackie that speaks when I write.

Without Jackie…
There would be No Adam, there would be no Love Hugs and Kisses,
There would be no message of the importance of spending time with family,
There would be no Benji Bennett, there would be no inspiration, there would be no Adam’s Cloud
There would be no Adam’s Army, we would not be able to continue our mission to bring families closer.

Everything I say, how I say it and everything I am and do is because of Adam’s Amazing Mum, Jackie.