Delivering Love, Hugs and Kisses as normal. Stay safe everyone! 🤗

Tips from Adams Blog

Irish Times Published Christmas Message

How Writing Three Simple Words Saved Me Every Christmas, sadly, families all over the country…

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How Adam’s Cloud Grants Wishes and Changes Lives.

When Make-A-Wish got in contact with me over 10 years ago to see if I…

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High Praise from the BBC for Adams Message & Benji’s Bennetts Books

BBC News are compelled to share Adams Message of love Hugs and Kisses to Parents…

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Sky News Spread Benji’s Message with Powerful Interview.

Bringing love and emotion to bedtime reading. and Encouraging parents to spend more time with…

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Dear New Mum and Dad

  Dear New Mum and Dad My name is Benji Bennett and although you don’t…

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Saved By A Mum In The Park

As I was reading Adam Saves The Seasons to a wonderful bunch of kids in…

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