Benji’s Halloween Party Tips

I have always loved Halloween and have such fond memories of those simple games I played as a kid. So create a magical moment with the kids this week with these spooktacularly fun Halloween party games.

Spooky Power Outages

A Word of Caution on this one as It might mess with your sky box, your house alarm and the clocks in your house and god knows what else so beware this one could have consequences but it still brilliant. Simply flick the switch on your mains switch board and plunge your house into total darkness. Have fun finding the flashlight and candles (be careful not to bump your head) the kids will get all excited thinking a witch must have done it then with the house in candle light you can tell some Not too Spooky stories.

Marshan Mountain

This requires a steady hand but be warned you could end up with flour on your face. Make a small mountain of plain baking flower on a big piece of newspaper. On the tippy top carefully place a marshmallow. With an ice-lolly stick or small blunt knife slice off a piece of the flour and keep slicing until the marshmallow mountain collapses and the marshmallow falls down. Whoever makes the marshmallow fall has to go fetch it with their mouth without using their hands. Be ready with the cameras as the kids retrieve the marshmallow with a generous helping of flour on their face.

Spooky Tag Tale

I play this with the kids all the time in the car and they love it. Get all the kids to sit in a circle with a pumpkin in the middle and the lights down low to set the atmosphere. Stick a torch under your chin and start off with a story. “Once upon a time there was a big smelly, stinkey, spookey….”hand the torch to one of the kids in the circle then continue on with the story from where you left off. “….horrible witch who had a bushy broom and a wart on her…” before finishing the sentence the child passes the torch on to the next child to carry on with the story, and so on. You will be amazed at what wacky stories come out and the kids will have great fun.

Apple Nibble

I always remember this as it was the hardest one and you really have to end up finding a clever way to win. Hang an apple from the door frame with a piece of string. Whoever can manage to take a bite of the apple without using their hands is the winner. Easy peasy, (not really but great fun!).

Stick it to the Witch

Based on ‘pin the tail to the donkey’ this is ‘stick the wart on the witch’s nose’. It’s really easy, get or draw a picture of a witch and put it on the wall. The kids are blindfolded and spin around 3 times and then have to stick a piece of blu-tac on the witch’s nose. Whoever gets it closest wins a prize.

Ear Nuts

I learned this little trick from my gorgeous god daughter. Get a regular Halloween monkey nut. Take one end and squeeze so the end of the shell splits a little bit. Then push the split end of the nut onto the bottom of your earlobe on your ear and let go. The small split catches the end of your ear to make a beautiful ear-ring!

Well I hope you all have lots of fun and stay safe this Halloween and have a magical night to remember. Of course if you have any games that you love in your house please let me know so I can share them.

Till next time, lots of love, hugs and kisses,